The Bradford Antiquary: Index of authors

This is a list of all the authors who have papers or other writings from The Antiquarycurrently available online. There are also lists of papers, book reviews and miscellaneous writings available.

Allison, John

The Bradford Canal - The First Promoters (1999)

Alvin, Christine

James Warburton, Apothecary of Wibsey: Notebook 1785-1788 (1999)

Armstrong, Alison C.

The Walls of Jericho (1985)

Baker, Kenneth

Incidents in the Lives of Robert Cartwright and James Boardman Cartwright (1989)

Batley, Mary W.

The Earl Of Rosse And The Rosse Telescope (1985)

Bishop, Anne M.

Cartwright Hall and the Great Bradford Exhibition of 1904 (1989)

Blackwell, Ronald

The Low Moor Explosion: Bradford 21 August, 1916 (1987)

Carpenter, Stella H.

A Wibsey Medical Family (1989)

Cox, Shiela

The Travelling Scotchmen: The Milligans of Dumfriesshire and Yorkshire (1987)

The Gledhill Family of Yorkshire, Norfolk and Kansas, USA (1991)

Crick, Martin

A Collection Of Oddities: The Bradford Branch of the Social-Democratic Federation (1991)

Cudworth, William

The Bradford family (1895)

Duckett, Bob

Bradford's New Archivist - an interview with Andrew George (1999)

Empsall, T.T.

Bradford in the middle of the fourteenth century (1888)

Fieldhouse, Joseph

Cockfighting - Research In Progress (1986)

Kenneth Baker - A Profile (1989)

Editorial (1989)

Review of 'The Siege of Bradford', 1989 (1991)

Gadd, Marcia

The Civic Presentation of a Ceremonial Sword to Captain Thomas Wright Marten (2003)

Greenwood, Carol

Reminiscence in Bradford (1999)

Hall, Graham

Alfred Coe, Postcard Pioneer (1991)

Hanslip, Evelyn

East Bowling History Workshop (1985)

Holgate, Ivy

Lidget in Clayton (1962)

James, David

Bradford Archive Department (1985)

"Our Philip": The Early Career of Philip Snowden (1987)

A review of 'Domes of Delight: the history of the Bradford Alhambra', Peter Holdsworth, 1989 (1991)

Jennings, Paul

The Mason's Arms (1989)

Old Photographs of Bradford, No. 1: Wapping (1991)

Jowitt, J.A

Review of 'A Fabric Huge: the Story of Listers',M. Keighley, 1989 (1991)

Textiles and Society in Bradford and Lawrence, USA, 1880-1920 (1991)

King, John Stanley

The Heaton Local Board (1985)

Glossop, Gray and Greaves: Three Founding Fathers (2003)

Lawson, Paul

The Tristram and Isoude Stained Glass Panels (1985)

A review of 'Ruskin and Bradford. An Experiment in Victorian Cultural History', Malcolm Hardman, 1986 (1987)

Laybourn, Keith

'Suicide during a fit of insanity' or the defence of socialism?: The secession of the Independent Labour Party at the special conference at Bradford, July 1932 (1991)

Jack Reynolds (1915-1988) (1991)

Linstrum, Derek

Crisis At Saltaire (1987)

Lister, Mary

Old Bradford Charities - Part II (1985)

The Morris Windows in Bradford Cathedral (1985)

Church Recording (1985)

Bishop Blunt and the Abdication Crisis (1986)

Manuel, Geoffrey

Building control in Bradford: deposited building plans, their origins and uses with particular reference to Little Germany (1991)

Marsden, Christopher

Editorial (1991)

A review of 'The Bradford Almanack: A compilation of oddities, ephemera, dialect stories and memorabilia of Bradford folk life', Edward Hotspur Johnson, 1989 (1991)

Mason, Ian

News from the Archives (1987)

West Yorkshire Archive Service News (1989)

Editorial (1991)

A review of 'Brooksbank, Yeomen of the Dales (Their Times, Friends and Connections)', E.M. Shepherd, 1989 (1991)

Metcalfe, Cyril

Carr House Farm and its Documents (1989)

Coming To Grips With Shelf (1986)

Ogden, James

John Nicholson: Unpublished Poems (1976)

Percy, Joyce W

The Lost Villages of Baildon Moor (1999)

Perks, Robert

'Everyone has a story to tell': The Bradford Heritage Recording Unit and the value of oral history (1986)

Rayner, David K.

Village Blacksmiths - The Rayners of Burley (1989)

Redmonds, George

A Moment in the History of Bradford Moor (1985)

Shetcliffe in North Bierley (1986)

Richardson, Clement

Clearing The Air (1986)

Robinson, Lilian

The Tong Manuscripts (1985)

Sheeran, George

A review of 'The Rural Houses of West Yorkshire 1400-1830' and 'Workers' Houses of West Workshire 1750-1920' (1987)

The Richardsons and their Garden at Bierley Hall (1989)

Back-to-back houses in Bradford (1986)

Snowden, Hilda M.

Founders of the Workers' Educational Association in Bradford (1987)

Styles, John

An eighteenth-century magistrate as detective: Samuel Lister of Little Horton (1982)

Thackray, Catherine

Brunswick Place - Bradford (1986)

Thornhill, John

On the Bradford District's Western Boundary (1989)

'All Change': Bradford's Through Railway Schemes (1986)

Villy, Francis

On the ancient slag-heaps of Rumbolds Moor (1912)

Walker, Pete

Bradford History on the Net (1999)

Willmott, Elvira

Family History and the Bradford Public Library (1987)

Occupations in Eighteenth Century Bradford (1989)