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The Bradford Antiquary has been published for over 100 years. The current issue of The Bradford Antiquary (No.83, 2022) can be bought directly from us, we have an order form you can download. The contents of the current issue are given at the bottom of the page. Back copies of some issues are also available, a brief outline of their contents is given on the back issues page.

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Contents of the current issue

No.83, 2022:

British Association for Local History Publications Awards 2021/2022   Alan Crosby
Haworth in the Time of the Brontes Dave Welbourne
 The Canal Tavern    Norman A Alvin
Dr Francis Stanhope 1649-1688 - a seventeenth century Bradford doctor       Christine Alvin
The Local Record Series 1911-1954   Sarah Powell
An accessory and abettor: Who was the Bradford suffragette Kathleen Holton aka Helen Holtom?     Jane Wheeler
Digitization of the Bradford Antiquary Bob Duckett
Bradford Free Libraries 1872-1967 Bob Duckett
'Not Having Cure of Souls' : Rev Godfrey Wright Derek Barker
The One Hundred and Forty Third Annual Report 2022  

Book Reviews
Bradford Memories by Tony Lax          Astrid Hansen

The Moth and the Mountain: A True Story of Love, War and Everest by Ed Caesar     Bob Duckett   

Made in Ilkley. Growing up in a small town in the 1940s and 1950s  by Diana Crawshaw       

Bob Duckett       

The Blood Divide by A A Dhand   Sarah Powell

Darkness Rising by A A Dhand       Bob Duckett            

One Way Out by  A A Dhand         Astrid Hansen

Everyday Bradford: A calendar of stories that shaped a city by Martin Greenwood                                                  Astrid Hansen  

A Voyage from Kasmir: Meri Zindagi Ka Safar Nama (Journey of my Life) by Aamnah Rahman                             Sarah Powell

Lowdown on Low Moor by Geoff and Mary Twentyman                                        Astrid Hansen

Titus Salt: The Founder of Saltaire and its Mills by Simon Ross Valentine   Bob Duckett

Lost Tramways of England - Bradford by Peter Waller     Bob Duckett

Bradford in Photographs by Dave Zdanowicz