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The Bradford Antiquary has been published for over 100 years. The current issue of The Bradford Antiquary (No.84, 2023) can be bought directly from us, we have an order form you can download. The contents of the current issue are given at the bottom of the page. Back copies of some issues are also available, a brief outline of their contents is given on the back issues page.

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Contents of the current issue

No.84, 2023:

The 150th Anniversary of Bradford City Hall     Dr Simon Ross Valentine
Bradford's Wool Barons Stephen Whitehead
The Legend of Emma Sharp revisited         Gina Bridgeland
Rabies in Bradford       Dr. Christine Alvin
The Origins of North Bradford Field Names   Derek Barker
Living in History: Royds Hall, Heaton Royds      Colin W. and Gillian S. Wright 
Cholera and Public Health in the Bradford Area during the Nineteenth Century Dave Welbourne and Jenny Donnelly
How the Bradford District has celebrated Coronations Bob Duckett
'Not Having Cure of Souls' : Rev Godfrey Wright Jane Tavert 
The One Hundred and Forty Fourth Annual Report 2023  

Book Reviews
Halo and Horizons by John Paul Hotham         Bob Duckett  

Images around Birkenshaw: A Collection of Photographs - 2020 by Paul D Foy      Bob Duckett   

The People's Palace: The Story of Bradford's New Vic by Mark Nicholson         Astrid Hansen     

The Origins of Queensbury: Properties and People in a Pennine Landscape by John Patchett    Astrid Hansen 

The Right Sort of Girl by Anita Rani           Astrid Hansen           

The Khan by Saima Mir            Sarah Powell

The Remarkable Story of Nancy De Garrs, Charlotte Bronte's nurse by Stephen Lightfoot                                              Bob Duckett 

William Scruton: A Biography and Comprehensive Index to "Pen and Pencil Picture of Old Bradford" by Dr Simon Ross Valentine  Bob Duckett                       

111 Places in Bradford that you shouldn't miss by Cath Muldowney  Bob Duckett                             

1872: When Samurai came to Saltaire: The Iwakura Embassy's visit to Bradford and to Titus Salt's Model Village - Compiled and edited by Les Brook with the support of Saltaire History Club

  Bob Duckett

Berlin to Bradford by Dr Rudi Leavor   Sarah Powell

Derelict Britain: Beauty in Decay by Simon Sugden and Abandoned Britain by Simon Sugden

Bob Duckett