The Bradford Antiquary: Index of reviews

This is a list of all the book reviews from The Antiquary that are currently available online. A list of papers and another covering everything else that is available are also provided. There is also a list of papers etc. sorted by author.

Beesley, Ian, 1987. Victorian Bradford. The Living Past


Bradford Heritage Recording Unit, 1985. From Mill To Microchip


Bradford Libraries and Information Service, 1989. The Siege of Bradford

Joseph Fieldhouse

Entwistle, N., 1889. Pictures Of Old Baildon


Hardman, Malcolm, 1986. Ruskin and Bradford. An Experiment in Victorian Cultural History

Paul Lawson

Holdsworth, Peter, 1989. Domes of Delight: the history of the Bradford Alhambra

David James

H.M.S.O. Houses of the North York Moors


H.M.S.O. The Rural Houses of West Yorkshire 1400-1830

George Sheeran

H.M.S.O. Workers' Houses of West Workshire 1750-1920

George Sheeran

Johnson, Edward Hotspur, 1989. The Bradford Almanack: A compilation of oddities, ephemera, dialect stories and memorabilia of Bradford folk life

Christopher Marsden

Keighley, M., 1989. A Fabric Huge: The Story of Listers

J.A. Jowitt

La Page, John., 1951. The Story Of Baildon


Manchester, Keith., 1983. The Archaeology of Disease


Muff, Clarence., 1984. Unbelievable But True!


Reynolds, Jack., 1983. The Great Paternalist: Titus Salt


Scruton, William., 1889. Pen And Pencil Pictures Of Old Bradford


Sheeran, George., 1984. Village To Mill Town


Shepherd, E.M., 1989. Brooksbank, Yeomen of the Dales (Their Times, Friends and Connections)

Ian Mason

Varo, Stanley., 1984. Shipley Glen Ramble


Wright, D.G., 1987. The Chartist Risings in Bradford


Wrigley, C., 1987. Industrial relations in the Yorkshire Woolen Industry 1919-30