The Antiquary: series and issues

First series

The Bradford Antiquary was first published in 1888. The bulk of the journal was composed of papers read before the society in preceding years. First series articles will only appear very slowly here: we are concentrating our efforts on the third series first. Don't be disappointed if the contents page of each volume looks sparse.

Second series

The second series of The Bradford Antiquary was published between 1900 and 1982. The numbering of the journals has caused some confusion in the past. Sometimes the journals are sometimes numbered from 1 in 1900 and sometimes from 3 in 1900, to allow for the two volumes of the first series. Furthermore, the second series was issued as series of consecutively numbered parts which were later bound into volumes. This collection follows the convention of numbering the second series journals from 1 in 1900; we give part numbers, where relevant, on the contents pages of each volume. (Where a journal covers a number of years, only the earliest date is given in the link in the margin.)

Third series

The third series of The Bradford Antiquary has been published intermittently since 1985. All the articles from six of the volumes are now available online. Other issues' contents will appear gradually. (Articles without an active link in the relevant volume's contents page are currently not available online.)

Current Issue

The current issue (No.83 2022) and all volumes of the third series volumes of the third series (1-19), including those not available online, can be bought from us using our order form.