Obtaining copies of the Bradford Antiquary

As well as organising lecture meetings, the Society publishes The Bradford Antiquary on an occasional basis, most recently Issue Number 83 of the Third Series.

The current issue and a number of older issues are available for sale. To order your copies please download, fill in and post the order form. Unfortunately we can only accept payments by cheque from a UK bank.

  • Issues to 1999 inclusive cost £3.50
  • Issues for 2005-2008 cost £4.50
  • Issues for 2009-2012 cost £6.50
  • The issues for 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 & 2023 cost £9.50

Prices include postage, reduced prices are available to members who pick up their copies from the society's meetings

Outline contents of available issues are:

Part XXXIX (1958):

Armorial glass at Bolling Hall; a Civil War hand grenade; two Bingley postscripts; the West Riding Foreign Affairs Committee; Bingley Volunteers in the Napoleonic War; an early Bradford bank note.

Part XLVI (1976):

Wilfrid Robertshaw, M.A.; the Manningham Mills strike; the Bradford Protestation return; John Nicholson, unpublished poems; Bradford Friendly Societies in the 1790's; Index to Volume IX.

Part XLVII (1982):

Mid-Victorian Bradford; the Exley family of Rawdon; an 18th century magistrate, Samuel Lister; old Bradford charities; the Bradford Lime Kiln Company; the Protestation of the commons, 1641.

Number 3 (1987):

Saltaire; the Low Moor explosion; the Workers' Educational Association; the Milligans of Dumfriesshire and Yorkshire; Philip Snowden.

Number 4 (1989):

The Richardsons at Bierley Hall; Bradford's Western boundary; the Raynors of Burley; the Great Bradford Exhibition of 1904; Robert and James B. Cartwright; Carr House Farm; a Wibsey medical family; the Masons Arms; occupations in 18th century Bradford.

Number 5 (1990):

Textile and Society in Bradford and Lawrence, USA; the Social-Democratic Federation; the Independent Labour Party; old photographs of Wapping; building plans of Little Germany; the Gledhill family; Alfred Coe.

Number 6 (1992):

Bradford Triennial Music Festivals; pubs in Mid-Victorian Bradford; old photographs of the Conditioning House; beer brewing in Bradford; enemy air activity over Bradford.

Number 7 (1999):

The Bradford Canal; lost villages of Baildon Moor; James Warburton, apothecary; the Memory Bank (oral history); history on the net.

Number 9 (2005):

William Cudworth, a 19th century local historian; Littlemoor & Harrowins (Queensbury); Bradford Eye & Ear Hospital; Bradford Canal; Music in Bradford; Parson Bull & Miss Currer; Some Bradford Hotels; Workers' Housing in Keighley; Frederick W. Eurich; A Milliner's Apprentice.

Number 10 (2006):

The Battle of Bradford: Riots against the New Poor Law; The Mystery of Wibsey Manor; The 1867 Bradford By-Election; Bradford's Municipal Baths and Wash-Houses; Haworth Wool-Combers; John Wood: Bradford's Father of Factory Reform; Robert Milligan, Draper and Merchant; Did Allerton have a Mediaeval Mill?; The Victorian Club Culture of Keighley.

Number 11 (2007):

Fake or genuine? The 1772 Map of Bradford and Horton; Dr J.H. Bell and Woolsorters' Disease; Wibsey Chapel: The First Four Hundred Years; The Woolsorters' Baths and Gardens; 'Classic Cards', Bradford: The History of W.N. Sharpe Ltd; John Wood: John Wood: Bradford's Father of Factory Reform. Part 2: The Hampshire Years; A Remarkable Family: The Cravens of Cullingworth.

Number 12 (2008):

A Year in the life of an 18th Century Handloom Weaver; Scar Hill Toll House and its Keepers; The Bradford Subscription Concerts, 1865-1950; "This is our library": Ilkley's Carnegie, 1907-2007; The Oxford Dictionary of National Biography and Bradfordians; Bradfer-Lawrence: A Rather Different Kind of Collection; A Bank with a High Level of Interest: The Bradford Memory Bank.

Number 13 (2009):

Bowling and Bolling Hall: a rediscovered lecture of 1915; The Mechanics' Institute, Thornton: A Brief History; Beyond The Subscription Concerts: Orchestral Music Played Elsewhere in Bradford, 1900-50; Walter Scott (1878-1947) and His Photographic Company; John Spreckley: Bradford Coachman; Early Motoring Days in Bradford, 1896-1939; Wibsey Datestones and Their Creators; Crowgill Park and the Crowghyll Park Bowling Club.

Number 14 (2010):

Buck Wood, Thackley: Investigating a Prehistoric Site; The Incomparable Mr Sharp: Astronomer and Mathematician; William Scoresby: His Work in Bradford, 1839-47; The Bradford Fire Brigade, 1806-1940; Bradford Brick-Making: The Mud, the Men and the Mysteries; The Manor House Pottery at Eccleshill; Lund Humphreys: Bradford's Premier Printer; George Adolphus Schott: A Bradford Fellow of the Royal Society; Councillor Johnson: Hero of the Isolation Hospital; The Raw Nook Railway: A Newspaper Report; Joseph Fieldhouse: A Tribute.

Number 15 (2011):

The Apperley Bridge Viaduct Disaster, 1866; A Mystery Inside an Enigma: S.C. Lister's Statue and the Square Motion Wool Comb; 'Bradford-by-the-Sea': The Development of Morecambe by Bradfordians; The Spy Tower At Fagley & The Wart Stone by the Eccleshill Pottery; Patrick Brontë as a Local Author; "Where's There's Muck There's Brass": The Esholt Sewage Treatment Plant; What's in a (Street) Name? Some Origins; Nineteenth Century Menston: A Study Of The National Census Returns; Irish Nationalism: The Bradford Experience; "A Remarkable Yorkshirewoman": Bertha Lonsdale, 1910-1977

Number 16 (2012)

Elmet: What, When, and Where?; John Booth and the Low Moor Luddite Connection; Sequah: An American-Indian Medicine-Man in Bradford; A Woman of Conviction: Councillor Mrs Frances Smith, First Lady of Keighley; The Royal Yorkshire Jubilee Exhibition [Saltaire] 1887; 'Mr Jackson at Cartwright': Gentleman and Scholar; Fields of Bradford, Printers: A History; Alex Keighley, Hon FRPS (1861-1947): Pioneer of the Pictorial Movement in Photography.

Number 17 (2013)

John Stanley King (1932-2012) - an appreciation; The Bradford Hand-Loom Weavers' Riots of 1826; Cash from the Coal Measures:
Mining and Brickmaking in Heaton Woods and Northcliffe 1846-1924; 'Open Spaces ... for the Humbler Classes':
The Development of Public Parks in Nineteenth Century Bradford; A Sound and Liberal Education for Girls: The Origins of Bradford Girls' Grammar School.

Number 18 (2014)

The Bradford Workhouse 1882: Martin McNulty's tale; Lilycroft Mill 1837-1874: The First Manningham Mill; A Storehouse of Intellectual Pleasure and Profit: The Early Years of Keighley Public Library 1904-1946; Benjamin Farrer, 'The Bachelor Miser' who built Fagley Spy Tower, and his family; Clifford Whone of Thwaites Brow: Keighley Historian; The Bradford Club: A History; Football and War Recruitment in Bradford, 1914-1925; Isaac Holden's Woolcombers in France (1852-1911).

Number 19 (2015)

Writing Bradford History: The Case for a Bradford School - The Great Ilkley Flood of 1900 - Bradford's Forgotten Industry: Copperas Manufacture in Denholme - A Top Shop in Bradford: Gibson Boyce & Co., Drapers of Darley Street, and the Petty Family of Crosshills - The Reverend Jonathan Glyde and Glyde House - Percival Ross (1857-1923): A Bradford Historian Remembered - Singing in the Rain: Saltaire Prize Choir 1896 - Cedric R Wilson (1937-2015): An Appreciation - Keighley Characters.

Number 77 (2016)

Discovering Prehistoric Bingley: The Stanbury Hill Project - Science & Culture in Victorian Bradford - the highs and lows of the Philosophical Society 1865-1905 and the development of a museum -  The Bradford Pals  - Bus-les-Artois and the Battle of the Somme -  Accidents, Robbery & Death - The Tale of Thackley's Tunnels - The  "Pedlar" of Bradford: The Life and Work Of Otto Mombert -  Life at Lister's - Sport, sociability and culture at Lister's Mill, Bradford - The Bradford  Antiquary - A Retrospective -  The House of Hey's - The Bradford Historical & Antiquarian Society - the 138th Annual Report 1916 - Mark Keighley, journalist (obituary) -  David Croft (1946-2016) ( obituary).

Number 78 (2017) 

John Smith Binns 1838-1909 - A Holden Fusilier? - A Bradford family doctor and his work in World War One - Hey's Ladies of Bradford - The Forgotten Champions of Yorkshire - The Presidential Badge of Office of the Bradford Historical and Antiquarian Society - From Bradford to Dick Hudson's - Race Walking in Bradford since the 1920s - The Federer, Dickons and Empsall Collections in Bradford Libraries - Low Moor Explosion 100 Years on - Edmonds & Lee - Brook and River Trouting - The Bradford Beck - The Roman Coins of the Bradford District - Book Reviews

Number 78 (2017) 

From Rags to Riches: The Burrows Family - Sermon in Stones: The Meaning of Prehistoric Rock Art
And the Strange Case of the Swastika Stone, Ilkley - Things are never so bad that they might not be worse: The Influenza Pandemic in Bradford 1918-19  - The Beginnings of Keighley’s School of Art       - “Klondike Villa”: The Back to the Land Movement in Bradford - “A solemn murmur of discontent truly ominous” :The Conference of Ministers on the Corn Laws, 1841 - Keighley’s Carnegie Public Library: a Library Building to be proud of - Book reviews - Annual Report.

Number 79 (2018)

From Rags to Riches: The Burrows Family  - Sermon in Stones: The Meaning of Prehistoric Rock Art
And the Strange Case of the Swastika Stone, Ilkley - Things are never so bad that they might not be worse: The Influenza Pandemic in Bradford 1918-19  - The Beginnings of Keighley’s School of Art       - “Klondike Villa”: The Back to the Land Movement in Bradford - “A solemn murmur of discontent truly ominous” :The Conference of Ministers on the Corn Laws, 1841 - Keighley’s Carnegie Public Library: a Library Building to be proud of - Book reviews - Annual Report.

Number 80 (2019)

Sir Titus Salt at Scarborough:  a Tale of Church and Chapel  - The Bradford Glasshouse -  The Titus Salt statue, Lister Park - “We can take it” – Bradford on the Front Line  - Peter Bussey (1805 – 1869) Bradford Chartist Leader - Scoresby versus Pearson – The Bishop’s Judgement; And the loser, St John’s the Evangelist - Obituary - Ian Dewhirst MBE - Obituary – John Anthony Jowitt. 

Number 81 (2020)   

From Donkey-Boy to Oxford Don: The childhood of Dr Joseph Wright of Thackley - The Birds and Beasts – The Text of Tract in the Empsall collection of pamphlets  -  “We can take it” Again - No Food or Fire – decent people: Bradford during the first national coal strike of 1912 - Bradford in Fiction  - Some Empsall Treasures  - W E Forster and the 1870 Education Act - A Shelter for the Cabmen of Bradford  - The Ancestry of the Phoenix Dynamo Company, Thornbury  - Rural Tanners in late 16th and 17th century Bradford – Book Reviews  - Annual Report 2019-2020.

Number 82 (2021)

John R.Fyfe's Shipley Fire Brick Works - The Mouse That Got Away: An Act of Militant Activism during the Votes for Women Campaign Bradford 1913 - Margaret Mc Millan (1860-1931), Social Reformer and Educationist - Thackley Navvy Mission - Joseph Wright and the English Dialect Dictionary - The Wool is Rising by Branwell Bronte - The Making of Bradford Grammar School (1865 to 1876) - Betty Woodrow BHAS President 2016-2017 and lecture Secretary 2006-2020 - Book Reviews. 

Number 83 (2022)

British Association for Local History Publications Awards 2021/2022 Haworth in the Time of the Brontes - The Canal Tavern - Dr Francis Stanhope 1649-1688 - a seventeenth century Bradford doctor
- The Local Record Series 1911-1954 - An accessory and abettor: Who was the Bradford suffragette Kathleen Holton aka Helen Holtom? - Digitization of the Bradford Antiquary - Bradford Free Libraries 1872-1967 - 'Not Having Cure of Souls' : Rev Godfrey Wright - The One Hundred and Forty Third - Annual Report 2022 - Book Reviews.

Number 84 (2023)

The 150th Anniversary of Bradford City Hall  - Bradford's Wool Barons  - The Legend of Emma Sharp revisited  - Rabies in Bradford - The Origins of North Bradford Field Names- Living in History: Royds Hall, Heaton Royds - Cholera and Public Health in the Bradford Area during the Nineteenth Century  - How the Bradford District has celebrated Coronations  - Annual report 2023 - Book Reviews.