The Bradford Antiquary

Series 3, Volume 12, 2008

Editor Bob Duckett



  • From the editor
  • A Year in the life of an 18th Century Handloom Weaver:
    Abraham Shackleton's Diary for 1794-5 - Michael Baumber
  • Scar Hill Toll House and its Keepers - Frank Dickinson
  • Jane Martha Forster, née Arnold (Mrs. WE  Forster) - Margaret & Dennis Warwick
  • The Bradford Subscription Concerts, 1865-1950 - Anne Wilkinson
  • "This is our library": Ilkley's Carnegie, 1907-2007 - Caroline Brown
  • The Oxford Dictionary of National Biography and Bradfordians - James Ogden
  • The Oxford Dictionary of National Biography and Bradfordians - Anne George
  • A Bank with a High Level of Interest: The Bradford Memory Bank - Ken Kenzie
  • Outward and Visible Signs: Two Plaques - Astrid Hansen
  • The Rookes Portrait Revisited - Mary Twentyman
  • Around the Local History Groups
  • Book Reviews
    • Bradford in the Great War
    • Fabrics, Filth and Fairy Tents: The Yorkshire Textile Districts in 1849
    • The Lord Mayoralty of Bradford 1907-2007
    • Bradford Chapters: Episodes in the Life of a City
    • The Best of John Hartley: and account of his life & 'The Clock Almanac
    • Brilliant Bradford