The will of William Page of Allerton in Bradforddale

Dated 18 February 1625

(Abstract from a Copy signed JO: ILLINGWORTH & JOHN SAGAR).I, WILLIAM PAGE1, Clothier bequeath to

John Page my eldest son, £48, one iron Chimney, one chest, " the bedd wherein I now doe lye" & all the "bedd-clothes and beddinge to the same belonginge."

Marmaduke Page my sonne £20, my goods, household stuffe, corne, cattell, wooll, beasts & other goodes in & about the messuage or house wherein I dwell, except one Quye, one brass morter, he the said Marmaduke paying for the same all my debts.

Jonathan Rishworth sonne of Thomas Rishworthe £18.

Robert Rishworth sonne of Thomas Rishworthe £10 and the Quye herein before mentioned on condition that Marmaduke my sonne shall have the said Quye for the term of seaven yeares or whilst the said Jonathan & Robert Rishworthe "shal be at bord or table with the said Marmaduke."

Susan and Marie Rishworthe daughters of Thomas Rishworthe each £10, and to the said Susan one brass morter. Should any of these children die before the age of 21 his or her share to be divided amongst those living.

George Bucktrout2 and Grace his wife 40/-.

Thomas and Marie Bucktroute children of the above £5 'apiece.'

Thomas Page sonne of said Marmaduke Page £14.

Grace Whittell 3/4.

To Margaret her daughter 6/8.

To Richard Hunningham 6/8.

Robert Deane of Allerton is to put these legacies of money to use until the legatees severally attain 21 years of age, the interest on the same "shal be converted paid and bestowed for an towarde the educacon of the said children severally and respectively."

George Bucktrout shall rest satisfied with his legacy of 40/- and if he shall sue, molest or trouble the executor, his legacy & those of his children shall be rendered void thereby & only the sum of 12 pence shall be given to them apiece.

John Page junr made sole executor.



Probate granted in the Court of Richd. Sunderland, armiger within the peculiar jurisdiction of his manor of Cottingley formerly parcell & possession, before the Dissolution, of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem in England & held there 12th April, 2nd Charles, 1626.

Proved before John Midgley, Seneschal of the said court by John Page executor named in the said will.


1. Wm. Page of Allerton buried at Bradford Parish Church 24 Feb. 1625-6. (back)

2. George Bucktroute and Grace Page married at Bradford Parish Church 13 Sep. 1614.>(back)