Letter from Samuel Hemingway to Sir Walter Calverley Bart., dated 11 November 1717

(First published in 1921 in volume 4, p. 214, of the second series of The Bradford Antiquary, the journal of the Bradford Historical and Antiquarian Society.)

Bradford, 11 Nov., 1717.*


I was desired by your mother to write to some friend to desire an account of little master and Missy's health, for she was very much afraid they should not be well especially Missy since your going up, and could not be easy until she heard. I chose to write to yourself not thinking so proper els & humbly intreats your worshipp would order she may be satisfied in that particular & how yourself & my Lady does with as much dispatch as may be. I sent ye Bill up for £13 (which your worshipp was pleased to give me) to Mr. Stephen Husband but did not yet hear whether was paid or presented. I have heard nothing yet from Mr. Rhodes, nor from Simpson as to ye lease, your worshipp ordered me put you in mind about ye tythes of this parish which I suppose you will remember if (there) be any opportunity, & perhaps if any there have acquaintance with Sir Nicholas Shirburn nay not be amiss to make some further triall about Upper Esholt. I hear several of the leases are near expiring. I hear nothing new about Bradford Mills. I suppose you have been informed of Mr. Skelton's death. Here is several stickling for ye Register place wherein I think Mr. Lindley seems most vigorous. He presents his service to you & said would write to you to beg what interest you could make for him, As for clerk of peace place, Sir Walter Hawksworth is very intimate with my Lord Burlington & I believe would almost obtain nomination for it. I fear you had not a very pleasant journey but I heartily wish all your good healthes & should rejoice, to hear of Missy's recovery from her cough & that little master is placed at school to your liking.

Be pleased to pardon this from      Sr.

your very Humble obedient servant


Your mother is well & nothing
wrong that I know of

For ye Honourable Sr. Walter Calverley Bart. at
Mr John Thackeray's house, ye Golden Glove over
against St. James Church, London.

* Bradford Free Library MSS.(back)

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