A selection of local books published since 1987

Elvira Willmott

(First published in 1991 in volume 5, pp. 81-85, of the third series of The Bradford Antiquary, the journal of the Bradford Historical and Antiquarian Society.)
Arnold, A.J. A game that would pay: a business history of professional football in Bradford. Duckworth, 1988. £19.50. 217pp
Batty, Stephen R. Leeds/Bradford: rail centres. Ian Allan, 1989. £11.95. 160pp
Binns, Kathleen A family affair my Bradford childhood. Bradford Libraries and Information Service, 1988. £2.50. 51pp
Bradburn, Elizabeth Margaret MacMillan, portrait of a pioneer. Routledge, 1988. £35.00. 267pp
Bradford Heritage Recording Unit Destination Bradford: a century of immigration. Bradford Libraries and Information Service, 1987. £3.95. 96pp
Bradford Heritage Recording Unit Textile voices: mill life this century, edited by Olive Howarth. Bradford Libraries and Information Service, 1989. £3.95. 84pp
Bradford Libraries and Information Service The siege of Bradford an account of Bradford in the Civil War. Bradford Libraries and Information Services, 1989. £2.95. 39pp [Review]
Carter, Grace H. Wiche is Wyke. ASAP, 1988. £2.63. 94pp
City of Bradford Metropolitan Council Planning Division. Best listed buildings of Bradford. CBMC, 1988. £1.50. 20pp
Cooper, Joe The case of the Cottingley fairies. Robert Hale, 1990. £11.95. 169pp
Croft, David J. The Nidd Valley Light Railway. 2nd edition. Oakwood Press, 1987. £4.95. 80pp
Dewhirst, Ian Keighley in old picture postcards. European Library, 1987. £6.95
Dewhirst, Ian Keighley in the 1930s and 1940s. Hendon Publishing, 1989 £4.40
East Bowling History Workshop Don't look back love and other stories of the Second World War 1939-1945. EBHW (Mrs. E. Hanslip, 75, Brompton Road, Bradford, BD4 7JE). 1989. £1.95. 95pp
Eccleshill Local History Group Memories of Eccleshill. University of Leeds (Dept. of External Studies, Leeds, LS2 9JT). 1990. £1.75. 65pp
Firth, Gary Bradford and the Industrial Revolution: an economic history 1760-1840. Ryburn Publishing, 1990. £17.50. 221pp
Frost, Terry Bradford City: a complete record 1903-1988. Breedon Books Sport, 1988. £14.95. 416pp
Gillan, D.R. and others Of boars and bantams: the pictorial history and record of Bradford City AFC. Temple Printing, 1988. £12.95. 216pp
Girlington Local History Group This and That: a collection of memories of Girlington people. Girlington Community Centre, 1989. Out of print. 37pp
Goode, C.T. The Railways of Leeds and Bradford. Author, 1987. Out of print. 64pp
Hartley, B.R. Roman Ilkley. Olicana Museum and Historical Society, 1987 £2.50. 34pp
Hartley, Malcolm and Clapham, Tim The Avenue: Bradford Park Avenue pictorial history and club record. Temple Nostalgia, 1987. Out of print. 192pp
Holdsworth, Peter Domes of delight. the history of the Bradford Alhambra. Bradford Libraries and Information and Information Service, 1989. £8.95. 121pp [Review]
James, David Bradford. Ryburn Publishing, 1990. £9.95. 192pp
Johnson, Edward H. The Bradford Almanack: a compilation of oddities, ephemera, dialect stories and memorabilia of Bradford folk life. Bradford Libraries and Information Service, 1990. £4.95. 78pp [Review]
Jones, Marjorie Count up to ten: an account of a Bradford childhood in the twenties. Bradford Libraries and Information Service, 1987 £3.50. 125pp
Keighley, Mark A fabric huge: the story of Listers. James and James, 1989. Hardback £15.95, Paperback £9.95. 95pp [Review]
Kenzie, Ken A plot of irregular land. Highfield DTP, 1989. £1.00. 22pp
Laisterdyke Local History Group Remembering Laisterdyke. University of Leeds (Dept. of Adult and Continuing Education) LS2 9JT), 1988. £1.50. 63pp
McDermott, Michael Allerton in bygone days. Author (12, Ayresome Oval, Allerton, Bradford, BD15 7UP), 1989. £2.99. 21pp
McDermott, Michael Allerton village past and present. Author, 1987. Out of print. 21 pp
Mason, Kate M. Woolcombers worsteds and watermills: Addingham's industrial revolution. Addingham Civic Society. 1989. £2.95. 51pp
Morton Village Society East Morton: a thousand years of history. MVS, 1990. £4.99. 63pp
Ratcliffe, Roger The Bradford book: the first-ever handbook/survival guide to the Bradford area. Aire Press, 1990. £4.95. 192pp
Redmonds, George Yorkshire surname series. Part1. Bradford and district. Author (5, Knotty Lane, Lepton, Huddersfield, HD8 0ND), 1990. £2.70. 64pp
Shepherd, E.M. Brooksbank, yeomen of the Dales (their times, friends and connections). Author, 1989. £4.95. 78pp [Review]
Taylor, Vera G. Denholme: a history in words and pictures. Countryside Publications, 1988. £3.25. 48pp
Varo, Stanley A mercantile meander. Author,1989. £1.75. 36pp
Warren, Denise Those first affections. ASAP 1987 £2.50.63pp
Warwick, M. Greenholme Mills remembered. Author (7 Endor Grove, Burley-in-Wharfedale), 1988. £2.25. 23pp
Wharton, Ronnie The best of Bradford amateur football : a series of articles on famous and legendary football teams from past to present. Author, 1987 £2.60. 119pp
Wharton, Ronnie A pick of the best of Bradford amateur football: a second series of articles on famous and legendary football teams from past to present. Author, 1987. £3.00. 106pp
Whitworth, Alan Bradford in times past. Countryside publications, 1987. £2.95. 48pp
Whitworth, Alan Thornton in times past. Countryside Publications, 1987 48pp
Williams, Nigel Bradford Northern: the history 1863-1989. Author, 1989. £9.99. 395pp

Windhill Memories Group

Costigan, Arthur Memories of Briggate Windhill: people and places. £0.40
Hudson, Milton Briggate: the story of a road. £0.35
King, Bill Memories of Windhill. £3.00
Lonsdale, Ralph A boyhood in Woodend 1915-1929. £0.50
Lonsdale, Ralph & Iris Woodend-Windhill hamlet to hive 1850-1939. £0.50
Moorhouse, Lillian A tapestry of Windhill. £0.50
Moorhouse, Lillian Yesterday's Windhill. £0.50
Carman, Jean Growing up in wartime Windhill. £0.60.

North East Windhill Community Association (Church Street, Windhill, Shipley, BD18 2NR).

© 1991, Elvira Willmott and The Bradford Antiquary