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The Bradford Historical and Antiquarian Society is the oldest local history group in the district, having held its formal inauguration meeting on the 12th July 1878. The founder members included William Cudworth, William Scruton, T.T. Empsall and James Horsfall Turner, amongst others famous in Bradford local history circles. For more information about our past you can read a pamphlet written in 1978 to celebrate our first hundred years of existence. We still hold regular lectures throughout the year. We collect and examine the records of Bradford's past and we have a library with an impressive range of books; We are always happy to welcome new members, and if you wish to join you may do so at any of our meetings or by completing a membership application form.

The Bradford Antiquary

We produce a journal, The Bradford Antiquary, which is now published annually in the autumn. The most recent volumes and some older ones can be ordered from us.

The website is in three sections:

The Society The Bradford Antiquary Resources
  • More information about the current programme of lecture meetings and dates of council meetings. [Updated Jan 2014]
  • Information about the society's Day School on Saturday 21st March 2015.
  • Information about the society's library. [Updated Feb 2014]
  • A list of the honorary officers who run the society. [Updated Feb 2014]
  • The 2012 annual report.
  • The 2013 annual report
  • The 2014 annual report
  • Articles from our journal. [Updated: 27 Sep 2009]
  • We have an order form to enable you to get paper copies of many of the issues of The Antiquary. [Updated: 7 Jan 2014]
  • A list of links to other sites of interest. [Updated Feb 2014]
  • Some transcripts of parts of old books about the history of Bradford. [Updated: 15 Dec 2003]
  • Some old maps of Bradford. [Updated: 18 May 2004]

If you have any problems using the site please consult the Site Help page (which also contains a site map). If this doesn't help then you can contact our webmaster.

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We have always been a very friendly society and aim to continue this. We maintain a programme of lectures, publish The Bradford Antiquary and have an extensive library. We are always happy to welcome new members, and if you wish to join you may do so at any of our meetings or by contacting our treasurer:

Mr. David Glass
281 Poplar Grove

Tel: 01274 575799


The annual subscription is £12.00 or £19.00 for joint membership.

Help with research

We don't provide it! We are sorry, but we just don't have the time to help people outside the society with their queries or research. If you are chasing a reference from one of our publications then we may be able to help in locating a copy ( ). Otherwise, all the help we are able to provide is already on this website.

Obtaining books reviewed on this site

We sometimes get requests asking us to provide information on how to obtain copies of books reviewed on this site. We don't have this information. Please remember that these reviews are several years old and many of the books will be out of print. Members of the society will be able to find copies of some of these books in the society's own library. The rest of you are on your own!