The One Hundred and Forty-first Annual Report 2019


The Council of the Society has pleasure in presenting its Annual Report for the year ended 31 May 2019

Annual General Meeting

This took place at the Bradford Club on Wednesday 10th October 2018 with Deputy President, Ian Watson, in the chair. He welcomed those present and thanked officers and members of the Council for their work during the year. The meeting confirmed the Council’s recommendation of the appointment of officers for the year and the reappointment of Maurice Smithies FCA as honorary auditor. Following the formal meeting Charles Lubelski gave a talk on “The History of Printing from the 14th Century”.


The Council is once again grateful to our Lectures Secretary, Betty Woodrow, for arranging an entertaining and varied programme of lectures, and to Peter Townsend and his staff of the Bradford Club, for their continuing hospitality.

The programme for the year 2018/2019 was as follows:

12th September 2018 Sherrif Hutton and it's lords - Janet Senior
10th October 2018 The History of Printing from the 14th Century - Charles Lubelski
14th November 2018 Former Bradford Police Stations - Chris Binns
12th December 2018 Buying Beauty: Distinguished Buildings and their Marbles - Derek Barker
9th January 2019 The Saltaire tunnels - Tish Lawson
13th February 2019 Edward I - Peter Palmer
13th March 2019 Bradford's Film Heritage - David Wilson
10th April 2019 The History of Bradford's Fire Brigade part 2 - Chris Smith
9th May 2019 First Skin Your Sheep (The practicalities and skills of manuscript production) - Prof. Joyce Hill


Informative walks were led in June and July 2018 respectively by Derek Barker in Heaton, and Alan Hall in the centre of Bradford.



Twenty-six people enjoyed a guided tour around Gainsborough Old Hall in June.


The Society currently has sixty-one individual members plus nine joint members giving a total of seventy-nine people. There were also twenty-nine visitors. The average attendance at meetings during the year was forty-four.

David Glass, our membership secretary, continues to kindly provide members with regular information by email, and deals with queries.


A selection of books is displayed at each lecture, and the library (on the second floor of the Bradford Club) is open at that time. New books on Bradford related topics are purchased each year. Thank you to our librarian, Christine Farmer, and to Bob Duckett for his assistance.


The Society’s bank balance remains healthy. A small surplus is possible this year. A big thank you to our treasurer, David Glass, who once again this year has again tackled three different roles most competently.

The Bradford Antiquary

Edition number 79 was published in the autumn of  2018, and contained articles on a wide range of locally related topics, written by members and non-members of the Society.  David Pendleton, the recently appointed editor, has proved his worth in the job.

Thanks to all concerned

The Council would like to thank all those who have helped towards the running of the Society during the year and especially to the members for their continued support.

Geoff Twentyman
Honorary Secretary
On behalf of the council of the BHAS.