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The Bradford Antiquary - Third Series
Volume 5, 1991

Editors: Ian Mason, Christopher Marsden



Textiles and society in Bradford and Lawrence, USA, 1880-1920 J.A. Jowitt
A Collection of oddities: The Bradford branch of the Social-Democratic Federation Martin Crick
'Suicide during a fit of insanity' or the defence of socialism?: The secession of the Independent Labour Party at the special conference at Bradford, July 1932 Keith Laybourn
Old photographs of Bradford, no. 1: Wapping Paul Jennings
Building control in Bradford: deposited building plans, their origins and uses with particular reference to Little Germany Geoffrey Manuel
The Gledhill family of Yorkshire, Norfolk and Kansas, USA Sheila Cox
Alfred Coe, postcard pioneer Graham Hall
The dedication of the second Morris window Joseph Fieldhouse
News from the archives Ian Mason
A selection of local books published since 1987 Elvira Willmott
Book Reviews
The siege of Bradford, 1989 Joseph Fieldhouse
A fabric huge: The story of Listers, M. Keighley, 1989 J.A. Jowitt
Domes of delight: the history of the Bradford Alhambra, Peter Holdsworth, 1989 David James
Brooksbank, yeoman of the Dales (their times, friends and connections), E.M. Shepherd, 1989 Ian Mason
The Bradford Almanack: A compilation of oddities, ephemera, dialect stories and memorabilia of Bradford folk life, Edward Hotspur Johnson, 1989 Christopher Marsden
Jack Reynolds Keith Laybourn